Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 2 Reflection on My Action Research


   This weeks lessons in research have led me to focus my attention on the topic that I will be using as my action research topic  While I have learned a lot concerning action research, I am excited to see where my action research topic takes me.  I have decided to research the topic, The Effectiveness of the Use of Interactive Science Notebooks Within the Classroom.  I want to learn and research how these interactive student notebooks enchance student learning outcomes in the classroom?  I feel as though this research will shed some information on their effectiveness on science test scores, writing abilities, vocabulary enchancement, and the list goes on!  Do these notebooks serve as a springboard for other learnings like for writing class, vocabulary learnings, outlining and note taking procedures.  Do these notebooks teach students how to become organized and productive in their gatherings of science information?  I am looking forward in my research and how it will affect students including bilingual students as well.


  1. I think your idea sounds great! Writing and journaling are great topics right now. Your research should be interesting!

  2. Interactive Science Notebooks sounds like a wonderful learning tool. It sounds like you have several ideas for action research related to your topic to choose from.
    Please stop by my blog sometime!

  3. Pam, I think the interactive notebook is a great idea. I think it would be great for all subjects. I remember a couple of years ago while i was teaching jr. high science that a few teachers and I noticed a few students that were struggling in multiple classes and then noticed their backpacks and lockers were so unorganized and trashy. So we developed a notebook system for them and helped them get more organized. It had very positive results so good luck with your report. I look forward to hearing about the results you come up with.