Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Action Planning Template

Action Planning Template
Goal:  What is the Effectiveness of the Use of Interactive Science Notebooks Towards Student Achievement?
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources

Establish the selection of the  bilingual and
monolingual students.

Pam Mitchell

Susan Allen, Assistant Principal
Patricia Shoffit, Principal

4th Grade Science Students & Teachers

Feb. 2013

Class roll of one 4th grade monolingual and one 4th grade bilingual

These are the targeted students that my research will be based on.

Calculate the % of  students and teachers that enjoy and those who do not like the science notebooks

Pam Mitchell

4th Grade Science Students and 4th & 5th Grade Teachers

Feb. 2013


Reveal the data positive/negative feelings

Gather 3rd, 4th , and 5th  grade science benchmarks at end of each term.

Pam Mitchell

Susan Allen, Asst. Principal
Patricia Shoffit, Principal

School year: 2011-2012 Fall and Spring

School year: 2012-2013 Fall and Spring

2013 Fall

School district benchmarks

Data Showing Comparisons of 3rd grade scores of same students from Fall 2011- Fall 2013


Gathering of 3rd grade science notebooks for 2011-2012 if possible.

Pam Mitchell

4th Grade Science Students and Teachers

Feb. 2013

Note to go home

Established Class newsletter

Show data of same students’ work beginning in 3rd through 5th grade

Samples of student’s work

Poll Targeted groups to determine % of students using science notebooks in grade 3

Pam Mitchell

4th Grade Teachers of Targeted Groups

March, 2013

Poll Survey

Survey data

List and elaborate on extent of cross-curriculum use of science journals, Grades 3-5

Pam Mitchell

All 3rd through 5th Grade Teachers

May, 2013


Results of use of journals with cross-curriculum

Track writing benchmarks (if taken) of students & collaborate with teachers

Pam Mitchell

4th & 5th  grade students

4th & 5th grade Teachers

Spring 2013-Fall 2013

Writing benchmarks Fall & Spring 2012-2013, Fall 2013

Analyze data to see if an increase in student achievement with science journals

Sample organizational skills 

Pam Mitchell

4th and 5th grade students, possible teachers

Spring 2013-Fall 2013

Science journals

Pictorial samples from students’ journals displaying organizational skills

Analyze all data results and share results with teachers and administrators

Pam Mitchell

Spring 2014

Research summary and data

Communicate all resulting action research data.