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5326 School Community Relations--Partnership Timeline


Seek Approval

School administrators
-Share & collaborate partnership idea
-seek approval to proceed with development
March 2113

Establish Campus Base Site Committee (CBST) to oversee partnership development

School’s established planning committee -(Including but not limited to):
-Teachers from each grade level
-PTO/parent org. representatives
-Teacher aid
-Community representatives

-Organize members for campus base site committee to oversee development of partnership
-Inventory current discipline practices
-Ensure need for partnership align with school/student goals
-Ensure school’s need with cultures—schedule school personnel to use the Self-Assessment Checklist on the NASPW, (National Association of School Psychologists Website
April 2013

CBST to collaborate on development of partnership
CBST Members:
-School psychologist(as guest if possible)
-Teachers from each grade level
-Community representatives
-Parent representatives
-PTA/other parent org. representatives
-Develop 3 year outline broadly defining goals of partnership for each year including ideas of behavior workshops, guest speakers, parent child activities, family/student take home activity bags, evaluations, etc.
-Produce 1 year action plan including activities, resources, funding, and evaluation
-Develop the SOS (Success of Students) Plan which is a step by step procedure plan for severe behavior interruptions that all staff will use
-Establish reward system for no severe behavior outbursts
-Mentoring including upper grade students,  parents, special visitors (Houston’s professional sports players, etc.)
-Establish chairperson/co-chair to coordinate, schedule meetings, & share information
April – May 2013
CBST to collaborate funding sources,  resources, marketing, supplies

Established CBST members
-Make decision of how guest speakers(if needed for workshop will be obtained/funded
-Funding of supplies: PTO, grade level funds
-Send out help call to community & parents via, school newsletter, website, established weekly communication from classroom teachers for reading books, puzzles, math flash cards, etc. for Take Home Book Bags
May 2013

Make Take Home Activity Bags

CBST members
-Make Take Home Family Activity Bags: use canvas bags to fill with 2-3 activities including a book activity
June  2013
Collaborate on development of partnership
Established CBST
Meet to tie up loose ends on any of:
-3 year broad outline
-1 year action plan
-SOS (Success of Students) Plan
-Family Activity Bags
-Begin planning and marketing of the first year Behavior Workshop that will occur in January 2014
-Any relevant issues

End of June, July 2013
Plan & collaborate on Behavior Workshop for February 2013

-Established CBST
-Other Community members
-Plan for 1st year guest speaker for 1 hour informational session regarding behavior issues as it related to medications, disorders, food allergies, etc. and parenting tips
-Plan how (in person, video, website, etc.) it will be implemented
-Plan when (Open House, on a Saturday, with Meet the Teacher Night, etc.)
-Finalize funding (if any) for speaker
July 2013

Planned Parent Activities
-CBST members chairperson & co-chair
- Teachers
-Teacher aids, assistants

-All grade levels with SOS Plan students will plan to incorporate parents to be involved with their child, their grade level, or class
-Teacher will have a generic list of pre-planned activities planned by the CBST that she/he will individualize toward her/his class and or students to meet their academic needs.
August 2013

Collaborate & Share w/Staff
-CBST chairperson
-CBST co-chair
-Review staff of established discipline guidelines for campus
-Explain & collaborate refining step by step procedures between school/parents regarding severe behavior issues which is the SOS (Success of Students) Plan
-Illicit commitment from staff for new SOS Plan

August 2013

Share SOS Plan w/ Community
-Illicit commitment from parents-staff-students
-Explain the SOS Plan steps
-Share via use of school/student handbooks, school website, beginning of year grade level meetings w/parents to inform all members of SOS Plan

Beginning of school-
August/September 2013

1st Year Behavior Workshop

- CBST members
-Selected guest speakers (if any)
- Community
- Teachers
- Administrators
- Students
- Other school staff

-1 scheduled 1 hour sessions to occur during 1st year involving speakers or information to discuss behavior issues that may be related to medications, disorders, food allergies, parenting tips, etc.

February 2014

Analyze Data & Evaluation of Behavior Exhibited w/Planned Activities and SOS Plan
-Participating Teachers
-Participating Parents
-Communicate & collaborate on successes of SOS Plan and gather feedback from parents on how to be more effective on SOS Plan
-Check if reduction in behavior outbursts or severe behavior infractions
Monthly, possibly weekly depending on student’s issues beginning in August 2013
Evaluate overall partnership plan and review/update 3 year plan
CBST members
- Review and collaborate the 3 year outline of partnership
- Review, update, improve SOS Plan to ensure it is linking to academic achievement
- Reduction of Student’s Behavior Outbursts on an individual basis of each participating student
June 2014

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