Friday, February 8, 2013

Collaboration of My Action Research Plan

   I met with my interning principal a couple of times this week.  Once on the morning of February 6th and a second time on February 8th.  I used her comments, the comments from the Research 5301 discussion board through Lamar University, and comments from my research blog to make some revisions for my action research plan. 
   My principal thought it would be difficult to gather the journals from the previous year for the targeted group of students that are now in fourth grade.  I agreed, and we came to the consensus that I could leave it on my template with a special wording that would indicate that it was only a possibility.  It may prove to be difficult to get some or even one of them, but I will have all of this years and next year’s notebooks to take samples from.   She also commented that I needed to remove the assistant principal’s name from the template under the “person responsible” column, so I deleted her name.  The assistant principal at my interning school has been out on personal leave and may be out through April, so my principal felt it would be best to remove her from the plan.  My interning principal and other staff would fill in where I had put my assistant principal. 
   My interning principal was very supportive and I felt a sense of ease about my plan after discussing it with her.  She gave me several people on the school campus that are very knowledgeable with the interactive notebooks and thought they could add to my research if needed.  She was very helpful and assured me that getting the test scores would not be a problem.  She also had some data that the school district had shared with her that may be of some use. She signed and dated my action research plan on the Tool 7.1 template.  It is now ready to submit.

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