Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Educational Leaders Might Use Blogs

   Blogging makes communication interactive with discussions, feedback, and collaborating with others.  What a great way for educational leaders to help others learn!  History teachers could set up a blog for students to read about an important event that took place on that day in history.  These events could be archived and as the lists grow, teachers could have trivia questions that students could give feedback on.  Teachers could use blogs to post an assignment that would require some type of writing feedback, like using vocabulary words to fill in the blanks on a particular story or to give an opinion on a particular current event.  School leaders could use blogs to keep the school community updated with relevant information concerning their schools, like bond issues, school closings or current events.  The ways that educational leaders can use blogs is endless.  They can keep us informed and in touch!


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog on how Educators can use blogs. The list is endless and I like what you said about that it is a very viable means for educators to learn more and also to keep school and community updated with relevant information

  2. I like your ideas on current events......I'm thinking that in a government class especially in an election year you could have great information being shared with all of the live debates.